One for all,

all for one. 

The Team

We are an eclectic mix of personalities and styles that shine through our work. Our diversity is our strength as we tackle brands from all walks of life.

Let our powers combine to help you!

Ionuț Balan

UI & UX / Web Designer

Milk And Cereals Addict

Marcu Sodolescu

Graphic Designer

Pro Backgammon Player
Andreea Lupică

Brand Strategist/ Content Writer

Moonlight stargazer
Meow Pataw

Security Expert

He’s afraid of mice

Our approach 

Ideas with substance

Hard-won experience tells us how ideas will fare in the marketplace. They aren’t just designed to look good in our portfolio. They function well in the real world, where it matters.

Quality not quantity

We only take on a handful of projects at any one time so you get a better return on your investment. Focusing on a smaller number of projects helps us reach the desired result. We don’t settle for less than great.


Cheap. Fast. Great.

Pick any two.

All ideas are subject to time, money and quality restraints. We’re up front and honest: sometimes solutions need adequate time and money if they’re to be the best they can be.

No jargon

There’s a lot of unnecessary waffle that infects this industry. If you want new packaging or need a logo update, we’ll be saying exactly that. Not “delivering a multi-platform suite of innovative solutions” or “optimising your presentational value”.


Get to know us.